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WTP Performance Tests/2008-08-04


Gary Karasiuk R
Angel Vera R
Mark Hutchinson R
Nick Sandonato Y
Carl Anderson R
Kaloyan Raev Y
Raghu Srinivasan Y
Neil Hauge R
David Williams Y


Do we have success on running the graph generation tool?
Define our next step
Choose meeting organizer for the next two weeks - Kaloyan is on vacation.


Nick has success with the graph generation tool. It needs some hacking and workarounds to get it running with WTP projects. There are two ways to fix the problem in the tool: submit patches to the Platform code or override the tool in WTP plugins.
The tool restricts (hardcoded) the valid project prefixes and this causes problems like NullPointerException and StringIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions when run with WTP projects. Nick is not quite sure why such restriction is introduced.
David commented that it would be better if we submit a patch to the Platform that makes the tool configurable.
The tool is currently hard coded to run on Sun's VM. This is another parameter that should be configurable.
The WTP performance test procedure uses the graph generation tool by downloading it from Platform's CVS on each run. We need to change the reference in our build.xml to the version tag of the tool's new version.
Each project should define a single test for the first round of getting a complete successful run of the performance test procedure.

Action items

Submit patches to the Platform code (Nick)
Try to run the test procedure with the new patched version graph generation tool (Kaloyan)
Define a single test per project (everybody)
Replace Kaloyan for the next two meetings - meeting organization and minutes (Nick, thanks!)


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