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WTP How to: Categorize Wiki Pages

Categorize Wiki Pages

To add your wiki article to the main WTP category is pretty easy. Just add this tag at the bottom (last content) of your wiki page:

[[Category:Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project]]

This is the main category for all WTP pages and should always be used for any WTP related wiki content.

Subcategorize Wiki Pages

To add your page to a subcategory of the main WTP category, you simply tack them on after the main category tag.

For example, to add your content to the subcategory of WTP Roles, you would use

[[Category:Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project]][[Category:WTP Roles| ]]

Note the pipe ('|') followed by 'space' at the end. That 'space' is simply a "sort key", which results in the content not falling under the usual "A", "B", "C" headings which can look cleaner for short lists within subcategories.

Creating a new subcategory

If or when you'd like to create a new subcategory for WTP, the main thing you have to do is make a "landing page" for it. It should include some overall description of the subcategory, and an easy to copy/paste tip for including in content pages that want to include themselves in that subcategory.

To do, this, start with a URL that will take you to the page to create, for example, for the 'WTP Roles' subcategory, that would be 

Then, add/edit the content of that empty page using something similar to the following:

<!-- provide a good description for the subcategory, for both authors and readers -->
This category page is for articles related to 
'''Roles within the Web Tools Platform Project'''. To add your page, use: 

<!-- provide a handy (literal) tag that authors can copy/paste at the end of their article -->
<nowiki>[[Category:Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project]][[Category:WTP Roles| ]]</nowiki>

<!-- this final category tag is so this subcategory page itself will be categorized -->
[[Category:Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project| ]]


Wikipedia Help on Categorization

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