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WTP Git Workflows OLD

This is a copy of old information previously stored on WTP_Git_Workflows. It has been moved here for historical reasons so the main page can be updated and kept current.

Clone a repo

The first step is to clone the one or more repos you need to work on. You want to clone the repo to a location outside your workspace. Then use the EGit Import Projects option to import the projects.

Refer to the EGit/User Guide for more detailed instructions and pictures.

  1. Switch to the Git Repository Exploring Perspective
  2. Use Clone a Git repository Clone a git repository
  3. you can paste in your connection URL and it should do the right thing. Some URLs (not all of them contain content right now in the testing phase). The repos that have been migrated are in bold text:
    1. ssh://
    2. ssh://
    3. ssh://
    4. ssh://
    5. ssh://
    6. ssh://
    7. ssh://
    8. ssh://
    9. ssh://
    10. ssh://
    11. ssh://
    12. ssh://
    13. ssh://
    14. ssh://
    15. ssh://
    16. ssh://
    17. ssh://
    18. ssh://
    19. Starting from WTP 3.6 the JSDT repositories are merged into one single repository, so:
      1. Use the following repository for the current development (master branch) and any maintenance of WTP 3.6 and later (starting from R3_6_maintenance branch):
        1. ssh://
      2. Use the following set of repositories for maintenance of WTP versions equal or older than 3.5 (the latest branch is R3_5_maintenance, master branch of these repositories is closed for write operations):
        1. ssh://
        2. ssh://
        3. ssh://
    20. ssh://
    21. ssh://
    22. ssh://
    23. ssh://
    24. ssh://
    25. ssh://
    26. ssh://
    27. ssh://
  4. Next
  5. Select all branches to clone
  6. Next
  7. Confirm the location that it will clone the repository into.
  8. an initial branch of master and a remote name of origin are standard.
  9. Finish - Now just sit back while git copies the entire repo to your harddrive :-)

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