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WTP Education Lead

The Education Lead is responsible for enabling and educating WTP end-users by providing them quality resources for self-learning, and increase WTP awareness and usage by obtaining, creating, and coordinating, materials for tutorials, articles, webinars, and other digital mediums.

The lead will:

  • Organizing exisiting materials and soliciting tutorials and articles from community.
  • Help design educational curricula to teach WTP in collaboration with the ECESIS project.
  • Recruit educators and contributors to create and share educational materials that demonstrate the use and extensions of WTP.
  • Promote and coordinate WTP tutorials activities in conferences, summits and user groups.
  • Coordinate and assist contributers to keep educational materials updated with new releases of WTP.
  • Maintain a wiki page dedicated to WTP Education
  • Provide feedback to make WTP more accessible and help improve usability
  • Promote the use of labs/examples from these materials for smoke-testing, provide quality feedback.

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