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WTP Adopter Resouces

This page contains links to tutorials, articles, and presentations that may be of use to Adopters. These articles and presentations show how to extend and leverage various portions of the Web Tools Frameworks. The topics covered are broken down into subsections. The information that is displayed here is believed to be current and accurate unless otherwise stated.


  1. Extending the Web Tools Platform, Part 1 - EclipseCon 2006 - A tutorial written by Konstantin Komissarchik (BEA Systems), Gorkem Ercan (Nokia) and Tim deBoer (IBM), covering the Project Facet framework and Server Tools.
  2. Extending the Web Tools Platform, Part 2 - EclipseCon 2006 - This tutorial written by Chuck Bridgham (IBM) and John Lanuti (IBM), continues where the first one left off. It provides an over view of the various WTP extension points that are available to a developer.
  3. Extending the Web Tools Platform - EclipseCon 2007 - Naci Dai (Eteration), John Lanuti (IBM) provide further information and cover new features since the EclipseCon 2006 tutorials.

Source Editing

  1. Extending the XML and JSP Editors - EclipseCon 2006 - A tutorial written by David Williams (IBM), and Nitin Dahyabhai (IBM), with Amy Wu (IBM), that covers the various extension points that are needed to extend the Structured Text Editors to support new languages and contexts.
  2. Extending the XML and source editors from the WTP Project - EclipseCon 2007 - Nitin Dahyabhai (IBM) and Amy Wu (IBM) - In this updated tutorial for EclipseCon 2006, Amy and Nitin review and walk through the ways to extend the existing source editors to add new functionality.
  3. Extending the XML and SSE editors from the WTP Project Proposed for EclipseCon 2008, presented by Nitin Dahyabhai (IBM)

Java EE Standard Tools

  1. Using the Web Tools Platform in Headless Mode - EclipseCon 2007 - Hari Shankar (IBM), Neeraj Agrawal (IBM) shows how to leverage the web tools platform framework with other vendor related tooling, with particular focus on J2EE integration and development.



  1. Integrating Custom Debuggers into the Eclipse Platform - EclipseCon 2006 - Darin Wright (Rational Team, IBM Canada), Kevin Barnes (IBM) and Samantha Chan (Rational, IBM Canada) provide an in-depth look into the Eclipse debugging framework. This may be of interest for those wanting to provide custom debuggers for Web Tools Platform functionality.


New Help for Old Friends III - Migration for WTP 3.0

New Help for Old Friends II - Migration for WTP 2.0

New Help for Old Friends - Migration for WTP 1.5

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