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WTP 3.2 Ramp down Plan for Helios

WTP Ramp down for Helios

For reference, see the Helios Simultaneous Release Plan, in particular the Milestones and Release Candidates.

Early Milestones

Just to remind everyone, there is a "ramp down" for every milestone. Typically the last week of a Milestone is for testing, and fixing only regressions and P1 or blocking defects. For milestones, during that final week, the Project lead (or delegate) is enough to review and approve a bug for inclusion in that milestone. Such "final week" bugs, should be formally marked for review and approved before releasing or requesting a respin.

M5: The EclipseCon Milestone

We plan to ensure good enough quality that M5 can be used by EclipseCon presenters for presentations, demos, and tutorials.

M6: Feature Complete, API Freeze, UI Freeze

For M6, we plan to be functionally and API complete and the remaining Milestone and Release Candidates are for (only) fixing bugs, or fixing release required items (such as version numbers, licensing, etc.).

From M6 to M7, we expect each component lead (or delegate) to review and verify their teams' bugs (i.e. no PMC review ... though we will be watching :) ).

We expect committers to concentrate on performance and other "internal" improvements, after M6, leading up to M7. In addition, it's a good time to improve documentation (for end-users and adopters).

If there are exceptions to these conditions, then they will require PMC review. In that event, the Project Lead must open a bugzilla, detailing the feature to be added after M6 and mark for PMC review. And that must be done before M6 is declared. Exceptions (with bug numbers) will also be listed at the end of this document, to help facilitate communication.

  • Place [NLS] or [API] or [Feature] in the heading of the bug depending on which type it is
  • Notify PMC members PMC Defect Review, 1 vote is needed
  • Once approved, code can be released
  • Update this page to append the bug at the bottom of the page, so adopters have a central place to find exceptions they may have to react to: re-translate, generate new screen captures, modify their own documentation, or adjust testing procedures.

M7: PMC Review starts after M7

After the M7, the process of building and testing Release Candidates begins (sometimes called "the end game"). At first, after M7 but before RC1, in addition to the normal component team review, at least 1 PMC member must also review and vote +1 after reviewing the bug for appropriateness (weighing benefits and risks).

Release Candidates

We expect Release Candidates to truly be candidates for release (i.e. well performing, high quality, product ready code). After the first RC is produced, other RCs will be produced, as needed, every week.

After M7 is produced, the time for general functional improvements is long past. The following describes the types of bugs that would be appropriate:

    • A regression
    • A P1 or P2 bug, one that is 'blocking' or 'critical', and some cases of 'major' severity.
    • Documentation and PII files are exceptions to the normal PMC required review, since there is little chance of that breaking anything, though it is still expected to be complete by M6, and remaining work to be only documentation fixes (that is, no refactoring of plugins, build changes, etc, without PMC review and approval).
    • In addition to a bug meeting the above priority/severity conditions, there should be a simple, safe, well understood fix that is well isolated from effecting other components, that doesn't affect API or adopters, that has been well reviewed and well tested.
    • As each Release Candidate passes, the criteria for weighing the benefit-to-risk ratio criteria gets higher and higher, and as such requires a larger number of PMC members to review.


After RC1, same rules as after M7: besides the normal component team review, at least 1 PMC members must also review and vote +1 after reviewing the bug for appropriateness and risk.


After RC2, besides the normal component team review, at least 2 PMC members must also review and vote +1 after reviewing the bug for appropriateness and risk.


After RC3, besides the normal component team review, at least 3 PMC members must also review and vote +1 after reviewing the bug for appropriateness and risk.


After RC4 is produced, we'll prepare and test the zip's, update site, web pages, etc.



Post-M6 Exceptions by sub-project


273161 [UI] Validation Framework UI not completely accessible

306534 [API] Child modules are ignored for modules with a single root

308098 [UI] Project default location usability

Server Tools

308916 [UI] Add Tomcat 7 support to WTP ServerTools

309020 [UI] Server initialization may hang the UI thread

Java EE Tools

306420 [NLS] We must use Java EE, not JEE, in our UI

307148 [UI] [API] Wrapper bug for j2ee assembly page

304654 [UI] [API] Proposal for EAR module assembly prop page enhancement

303600 [UI] Missing UI, cannot add classpath dependencies anymore

305650 [UI] No UI for some variable-reference functionality

305971 306174 [UI] Somewhat duplicate issues regarding UI for manifest entries, a UI which existed only for 2 weeks and was found to need substantial redesign.

307766 [UI] Updating web fragment module overlay icon

307931 [API] Binary WebFragment support

306689 [UI] Incorrect names displayed in "modules" section of Project Explorer

307183 [API] Invalid dynamic reference created when jar dropped into lib dir

308103 [UI] finalPerspective for Static Web projects should be Web perspective

308282 [UI]Additional changes to Module assembly


299813 [JSF2.0] new Implicit Objects defined for use in EL expressions

299781 [JSF2.0] Contribute ContentModel for standard JSF2 taglibs

295246 [JSF2.0] FacesConfig model update Tick.gif

299784 [JSF2.0] Contribute ContentModel for "in project" composite components

299780 [JSF2.0] create meta-data for new taglibs

295514 [JSF2.0] create content types for Facelets

306308 [JSF2.0] WPE-Properties View-Attributes tab should show all attributes of a tag in an XHTML page Tick.gif

305210 Refactor JSF plugins for easier adoption

306426 [JSF 2.0] Support for Resource Loading facility

306458 Make Services Factory Configurable


274550 [UI][Feature] Clean up and streamline explorer UI

298240 [UI][Feature] provide the ability to view all scripts currently loaded

305913 [UI][Feature] Make use of SSE Content Assistance Cycling


296503 Support invocation of EclipseLink and JAXB RI schema generators

309482 JoinFetch support on Eclipselink element collection mappings

Source Editing

256339 [UI][Feature] Migrate XSL Syntax Highlighting to Semantic Highlighting

266683 [UI][Feature] Provide a global CMDocument cache

304145 [UI][Feature] Make use of New Content Assistance Cycling

304620 [UI] Markup Validator should be run along with the XML Validator

305339 [NLS] JSPTranslatorPersister should be updated to use a job

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