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WTP 2017-08-31

WTP Development Status Meeting

Remember, any committer can add an agenda item. Typically, short announcements or news items go in the "Announcements" section at the beginning. Longer items or issues requiring discussion should go in the "Other business" section at end.

Announcements And Special Reports

WTP Calendar

WTP Calendar Sync

For overall Oxygen dates, see the Simultaneous Release Calendar

Main Agenda Items

  • Chuck covered for Carl today
  • Rob & Nick talked about being still stuck waiting for Nick to get sworn in as releng guy; no progress because no access - see
    • Also discussed the notion of staggered merges / builds, in that Nick could get Common building while Servertools merge is being done, then get a build going for Servertools while Sourceediting is being merged, etc.
  • There was nominal agreement with Rob's proposal (from Keith Chong?) to reorg javaee/ejb/webservices to remove circular cross-repo dependencies in order to make WTP builds a sequential stack instead of a monolithic all-in-one operation


  • Nick Boldt, Red Hat
  • Rob Stryker, Red Hat
  • Chuck Bridgham, IBM
  • Carl Anderson, IBM *regrets*
  • Keith Chong, ____

Action Items

  • AI: Chuck to talk to Carl about merging Nick's latest gerrit request -
  • AI: Carl to nominate Nick for releng lead so we can move forward
  • AI: Chuck to find out the status of Elson's election, Rob's election, etc. and get that reported publically once it's official
  • AI: Chuck to review blockers/criticals for Oxygen.1.RC3/RC4
  • AI: Chuck to determine if the next development call is next week or in two weeks, per the calendar

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