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WTP 2009-05-21

WTP Development Status Meeting


Project Leads
Konstantin Y
Kaloyan Y
Neil Y
David Y
Carl Y
Angel Y
Valentin Y
Nick Y
Eric Y
Chris Y

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.

Announcements And Special Reports

  • We (PMC) have decided to not to advocate a "3.0.6" maintenance release, though we are sure there will be some patches required post 3.0.5.
  • We (PMC) and the Eclipse Planning Council have decided to have a more uniform look to the Provider information in the about box. We do not have to do any mass changes to all the plugins and all features, but any "branding" features (those that show up in the about box) should use common branding; same icon and same Provider name: "Eclipse Web Tools Platform". See bug 273772 for new icons, etc.
This will likely be done by during RC2 and RC3 unless anyone objects.
One implications is that our current "branding" plugins of "o.e.wst" and "o.e.jst" will be going away.
Another is that our "assembly features" will be changing. These are the container features, o.e.wst and o.e.jst.

Konstantin recommended that ALL features point to a branding plugin, so users can more easily see that's installed, what's not. (Or, put another way, the about box list is not very user friendly). I think that'd might take more review than we may have time for, and there has been improvements in 3.5 we should see, and want to avoid too much last minute churn. Immediate conclusion is that current ones that specify branding will be changed to be consistent.

WTP Calendar

WTP 3.0.5

  • Ready to declare 3.0.5 RC3?
May 21, 2009 >= M-3.0.5-20090521045405

3.0.5 schedule:

April 10 - M build
April 24 - M build
May 8 - RC1
All changes after May 8 require PMC approval (1 vote)
May 15 - RC2
All changes after May 15 require PMC approval (2 votes)
May 22 - final build
May 29 - 3.0.5 GA

WTP 3.1


Project Plans

Angel pointed out the target environments link was wrong (pointing to 3.4). The correct one is and Raghu agreed to update our plan document.

and ...

Project Leads please update "automatic" IP Logs. See Development_Resources/Automatic IP Log



Our initial schedule was based on Platform's proposed schedule.

The official "must do" schedule is the +2 category in the Galileo Simultaneous Release.

Normally, our milestone are one week after the Platform's delivery. Exceptions noted below.

3.0.1 Early Maintenance Release Aug 15
M1 -> Aug 22 (extra week added so not to overlap maintenance release)
3.0.2 Coordinated Maintenance Release Sep 24
M2 -> Sept 26 (extra week added so not to overlap maintenance release) (updated)
M3 -> Nov 7 (short milestone, since "making up" for added week above)
3.0.3 Early Maintenance Release Nov 14
M4 -> Dec 19
M5 -> Feb 6
3.0.4 Coordinated Maintenance Release Feb 25
M6 -> Wednesday, March 18 Feature Complete, API Freeze, UI Freeze, NLS, Accessibility
(EclipseCon March 23-27)
M7 -> Tuesday, May 5 Performance tuning, documentation, bug fixing
RC1 -> Tuesday, May 19 Serious bugs only, focus on stability.
RC2 -> Tuesday, May 26 Serious bugs only, focus on stability.
RC3 -> Tuesday, June 2 Very serious bugs only.
RC4 -> Tuesday, June 9 Very very serious bugs only.
RC5 -> Tuesday, June 16 Hopefully no changes from RC4. Prepare web pages, update sites, etc.
GA -> Wednesday, June 24

Other business

Bob Fraser and Nova the look and feel: (see bug 261721)

Bob reported about ready, but will be a few weeks, since he'll be out a week. There was some discussion of what to delete from website (e.g. delete phoenix and nova prototype pages).


ramp down plan and policies

See also the WTP Meeting Archive-Reference Page.

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