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WTP Summit at EclipseCon 2014

Projects are encouraged to organize project meetings or Summits at EclipseCon NA CDT has been doing this for a while.The summit would be a great opportunity for the greater WTP community to meet face to face.

The summit can be organized around "themes" to discuss what we are doing and the future directions that the project may take to adapt to the shifts in technology.

HTML5, Javascript and Mobile Tools

Client platforms are converging. It is hard to imagine Web Tools as a platform for building tools for applications that target the browsers. Hybrid application platforms such as Apache Cordova, or the Mozilla phone, the large number of mobile frameworks like Dojo Mobile, JQuery Mobile, JBoss Aerogear emphasize the shifts in this space. What new tools do we need to develop effectively in this space?

Java EE Enterprise

Java EE Enterprise changed significantly and for the better since the early dark days of J2EE. The concept of monolithic servers have been replaced with modular platforms and server profiles, and in places being replaced by innovative and fundamentally different server technologies such as vert.x and nodejs. Applications and components are easier to assemble and build. The MVC architecture is being challenged by event-driven and asynchronous designs. Are the tools ready to deal with this change?

Cloud Support

Cloud platforms change the way we design, develop, deploy and run our applications. Eclipse Orion is a great demonstration of what is possible for an IDE on the cloud. Conceiving, coding, testing, debugging on the cloud is fundamentally different. Server tools are increasingly challenged for targeting applications running on cloud platforms. This is the new face of Web development, do the tools need new faces too? What is the cross between WTP and Orion?

Webtools Commercialized - The future of API

WTP has been one of the most widely used platforms in eclipse to build commercial tools. IBM, Oracle, SAP, JBoss among others depend on WTP to deliver a stable and quality platform. Do the interest to keep the platform stable conflict with the need to make radical changes for new technologies? Not unlike eclipse platform itself, this has been a delicate balance to maintain.

Are you Interested?

If you are interested, add your names here

  1. Naci Dai - Eteration
    • Java EE, HTML5, Javascript and Mobile Tools, Cloud Support
    • What is the cross between Orion & WTP? Can we create tools that are deployed on both?
  2. Görkem Ercan - JBoss/Redhat
    • HTML5, Javascript and Mobile Tools
  3. Denis Golovin - Exadel, Inc. (contractor for JBoss/Redhat)
    • HTML5, Javascript
  4. Ken Walker - Orion Lead, IBM
    • HTML5, Javascript and Mobile Tools, Cloud support, PaaS support
    • Are you interested in what Orion is providing? Or are you looking for only changes to WTP?
  5. Mickael Istria - JBoss/Redhat
    • Everything ;)
  6. Raghu Srinivasan - Oracle, WTP PMC
    • Mobile Tools, Cloud Support

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