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  • Florian Waibel
  • GianMaria Romanato
  • Violeta Georgieva
  • Daniel Marthaler


  • Go over pending TODOs
  • Decision to Spring Framework 4.2.9.RELEASE update: Create the Spring Framework bundles “the old way” via EBR bnd/Maven
  • Decision to go with 486353 and check for better solution with 3.7.1+
  • We are now using Mattermost to discuss details of everyday Virgo (, should we put a link on the home page?
  1. No, we want the users to use the forum to ask questions
  1. Yes, Violeta and Florian getting those emails
  2. This mailing list sends out build result information
  • Prepare for Virgo Tools 1.5.0.RELEASE
  1. Wait until Wayne replied to fluffis email
  • Prepare for Virgo 3.7.0.M04
  1. Release M04 on the 25th of January 2017, until then we resolve as much bugs as we can and postpone the remaining bugs from M04 to RELEASE
  2. Fluffi and Dani release M04 together
  • Prepare for Bundlor 1.1.3.RELEASE
  1. Wait until Wayne replied to fluffis email
  2. Anyway, Dani needs to postpone the release to end of February
  • Glyn granted me (fluffi) admin access to the Acunote system. In case anybody wants to do some backlog grooming please drop me a note. Decision: Shutdown the instance after quickly browsing through the content.
  • Decision to Drop VNF (Untested changes with Gemini Web and Tomcat 8) and VJS (Untested current Jetty versions) for 3.7.0.M04 and 3.7.0.RELASE
  • Next Hangout: 25.01.2017, 9:00pm CET


Todos Fluffi

  • Update Spring Framework to 4.2.9.RELEASE
  • Create Acunote Account for giamma
  • Ask Wayne what needs to be done for a “subproject” release such as Tooling 1.5.0 / Bundlor 1.3 / Examples / Snaps / ... publish answer to Mattermost
  • Ask Markus to become official mentor for the Virgo project ;-)
  • Convert Docbook docuware to Asciidoc and try to include it in the Gradle build
  • Try to get Type_A (fast bugfix CQ cycles) CQs with the Virgo 3.7 release
  • Check/Prepare the IP Log for 3.7 release ( /
  • Create Bug to track legal notes:
  • Ask Markus/Tom whether we could ship with a patched Equinox?
  • Review patch/problem on Bug 500758 with Tony in January
  • Migrate the documentation to gradle build to be able to publish along the artifacts
  • Documentation Milestone M04 should be online together with the release of Virgo
  • Sketch to integrate Spring OSGi-ify into Gradle build
  • Investigate Spring Framework Bill of Materia

Todos Giamma

  • Investigate null pointer in the Server Runtime Wizard on MacOSX
  • Get status for next hangout - Keep team updated about the progress of the JUnit4 OSGi runner which may be used for testing Spring bundles. We could run a POC, wrap some Spring tests in a “test bundle” and run them in Virgo.
  • Open Bug for building Virgo on Windows
  • Check Virgo Wiki Tooling Page if updating is required, also IDE set-up for contributors
  • Virgo Wiki Pages (Committers) document Git branching model using git-flow as suggested by Giamma
  • Send out an email to acunote to close the Virgo instance, remove reference
  • CQs: create a new one for Logback and add comments to the pending one
  • Open bugzilla bug to milestone 4 for updating logging libraries

Todos Dani

  • Publish Bundlor 1.1.3.M01 to Maven Central
  • Include Snaps-Guide in Snaps project build so that Stefan Zugal can improve the documentation
  • Try to convert docbook documentation to asciidoc using
  • Publish Agenda and decisions to the Virgo Wiki
  • Post to the Forum that we drop “Nano Web” and “Jetty Server”, starting with 3.7.0.M04

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