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  • GianMaria Romanato
  • Daniel Marthaler
  • Florian Waibel
  • Tony Ganchev
  • Aleksandar Kanchev
  • Junior Sousa


  • Who organizes access for committers to Acunote in order to get access to additional information? (
  • We should review the Virgo Wiki Pages and check which ones need to be updated
  • We should update the legal notes in virgo-build repo, does the Virgo build and Tooling include this information at all? Bundlor and Snaps does. - The Tooling is OK (about.html in every plug-in)
  • Virgo Tools status update Plan-Project-Wizard and documentation publishing
  • Virgo Tools remove Repository page from the Server Editor (since the backing repo from Spring isn’t maintained anymore)?
  • Status of Gemini Web 3.0.0:
  1. Update Tomcat to 8.5.9 (CQ created)
  2. Most probably end of January 3.0.0.RELEASE is prepared.
  3. Meanwhile updating Virgo 3.7.0.M04 to current Gemini Web 3.0.0.RC3
  1. 30.12.2016: Bundlor 1.1.3.M01
  2. [January]: Virgo Tools 1.5.0.RELEASE
  3. [January]: Virgo 3.7.0.M04 (incl. Snaps and GW 3.0.0.RC2)
  4. [January]: Bundlor 1.1.3.RELEASE
  5. [February]: Virgo 3.7.0.RELEASE (incl. Snaps and GW 3.0.0.RELEASE)


Todos Fluffi

  • Approach Glyn about information contained in Acunote
  • Create Bug to track legal notes:
  • Help Violeta to update Virgo 3.7.0.M04 with Gemini Web 3.0.0
  • Review patch/problem on Bug 500758 with Tony in January
  • Migrate the documentation to gradle build to be able to publish along the artifacts
  • Documentation Milestone M04 should be online together with the release of Virgo.
  • Ask Violetta if Virgo Nano Full is still used in SAP world.
  • Sketch to integrate Spring OSGi-ify into Gradle build
  • Investigate Spring Framework Bill of Material

Todos Giamma

  • Test Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 workaround for 486353
  • Investigate null pointer in the Server Runtime Wizard on MacOSX
  • Get status for next hangout - Keep team updated about the progress of the JUnit4 OSGi runner which may be used for testing Spring bundles. We could run a POC, wrap some Spring tests in a “test bundle” and run them in Virgo.
  • Open Bug for building Virgo on Windows
  • Check Virgo Wiki Tooling Page if updating is required, also IDE set-up for contributors
  • Virgo Wiki Pages (Committers) document Git branching model using git-flow as suggested by Giamma
  • Open bug for removing repository view from Virgo Server Editor. Change implemented in 509809

Todos Dani

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