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  • Florian Waibel
  • GianMaria Romanato
  • Daniel Marthaler


  • Virgo Tools Proposal: create a wizard in the tools for plan projects Accepted, looking forward for it ;)
  • F2F Meeting at EclipseCon Europe 2016
  1. Giamma & Dani will arrive on Monday evening between 8pm and 9pm on the 24th of October and stay till Thursday
  2. Florian will be attending on Tuesday
  3. We need to identify “low hanging fruits” if people at the hackathon show up
  • We need to get support for building using Tools using JDK8: Look for help at EclipseCon, maybe the famous Markus has the ANSWER?
  • Why don’t we use a Git branching model in Virgo repos: Giamma is preparing a proposal a send it to virgo-dev.
  • Bundlor 1.1.3
  1. Check with Fluffi about using runtime classpath instead of “project.sourceSets.main.output.classesDir”
  2. Check with Giamma about integration into Virgo Tools, p2 repository
  3. Target Repository for Bundlor is Maven Central only is ok, but it is required to provide the artifact for download over official Virgo Home Page and we need to put it in Virgo p2 for Virgo Tools. “Features And Bundles Publisher”
  4. Bundle signing process, do we need to sign javadoc and sources jar as well? Nope we don’t need to.
  • Looks as if the jar files must only contain the SUA file (notice.html), or is it required to insert complete set of files mentioned under the Legal Guide? Ask Wayne Beaton?
  • Which official checkpoints do we need to pass in order to publish 1.1.3.M01 or 1.1.3.RELEASE of Bundlor to Maven Central? Ask Wayne Beaton?
  • Shall we move Virgo Build to Gradle 3.1 as soon as CQ 11992 is approved? First tests have shown that it should be doable with minimal effort.
  • When building Virgo locally some unit tests fail.
  • Status of Gemini Web 3.0.0
  • Bug 502179 - Allow Virgo HIPP Publish to Maven Central
  • Bug 499517 - Springframework Context Support bundle's manifest contains errors
  • Bug 493611 - Update JavaMail API to 1.5.5
  • Bug 500758 - Virgo kernel (services) time out intermittently -> EclipseCon


  • Action for Dani: Check Virgo Tools Build, deploying nested plan files (Bug 499979)
  • Action for Dani: Review Bug-493794 Tomcat XML configuration
  • Action for fluffi/Dani: Publish Bundlor 1.1.3 to Maven
  • Action for fluffi: check Bug 499517
  • Action for giamma: Test Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 workaround for
  • Action for giamma: investigate null pointer in the Server Runtime Wizard on MacOSX
  • Action for giamma: keep team updated about the progress of the JUnit4 OSGi runner which may be used for testing Spring bundles. We could run a POC, wrap some * Spring tests in a “test bundle” and run them in Virgo.
  • Open Bug for building Virgo on Windows

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