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  • GianMaria Romanato
  • Daniel Marthaler
  • Florian Waibel


Finally...welcome Daniel as a new committer. The vote is still ongoing, but enough +1 have been received for a successful vote.

Daniel will attend EclipseCon Europe, giamma and florian try to get permissions to attend as well to have a face-2-face meeting at EclipseCon Ludwigsburg.

Violetta plans to prepare a Gemini Web release with the upcoming Tomcat release 8.5.5 in near future. We want to integrate this version into Virgo 3.7.

A colleague of giamma investigates how to run JUnit 4 tests within an OSGi container. Maybe this is a way to run the Spring Framework test suite inside Virgo...


  • Action for giamma: Test Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 workaround for
  • Action for giamma: investigate null pointer in the Server Runtime Wizard on MacOSX
  • Action for florian: Contact echinopsii if we can add to Virgo powered
  • Action for giamma: add BlurryMe app to Virgo powered - this is as simple and pushing to a git repository
  • Action for giamma: keep team updated about the progress of the JUnit4 OSGi runner which may be used for testing Spring bundles. We could run a POC, wrap some Spring tests in a “test bundle” and run them in Virgo.
  • Action for florian: Check failure of tooling build with JDK 8
  • Action for florian: Migrate the documentation to gradle build to be able to publish along the artifacts
  • Action for florian: Was documentation published automatically?
  • Action for florian: Documentation Milestone M02 / M03 still not online.
  • Action for florian: Ask in the forum about discontinuing Snaps
  • Action for florian: Ask Violetta if Virgo Nano Full is still used in SAP world.
  • Action for florian: Sketch to integrate Spring OSGi-ify into Gradle build
  • Action for Dani: Check Virgo Tools Build again, deploying nested plan files
  • Action for Dani: Review Bug-493794 Tomcat XML configuration
  • Action for Dani: Complete Committer paper work
  • Action for Dani: Proceed with Bug-500428 Update Bundlor to Java 8
  • Action for florian/Dani: Publish Bundlor 1.1.3/1.2.0 to Maven
  • Action for florian: investigate Spring Framework Bill of Material

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