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  • GianMaria Romanato
  • Daniel Marthaler
  • Florian Waibel


Daniel managed to migrate the whole application to 3.7.0.latest and started first manual tests with the overall system. So far no show stoppers.

Giamma reworked the Virgo Tooling to replace deleted PDE Tooling API (Support for Neon).

Discussions about how to run the whole Spring Framework Test Suite in OSGi/Virgo to verify the OSGi bundles have correct metadata.

Review the scope of [ 3.7.0.M04 3.7.0.M04 ]

  • Update to Gemini Management 2 can be moved


  • [DONE] giamma: Create a bugzilla entry for the nested plan issue Bug number 499979. The last tooling build on branch contains the fix to be tested virgo.ide.snapshot.on.branch
  • [DONE] giamma: Close “works for me” adding a note that reporter can reopen if needed.
  • [DONE] giamma: Ask for BlurryMe to be added to Virgo powered request sent, permission granted
  • [OBSOLETE] florian: Is there a tool to parse a plan XML? Giamma found it! It’s org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.artifact.plan. PlanReader in org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.artifact bundle but it is not usable
  • [DONE] florian: Ask Violetta for help about 498202

Next meeting

31th of August 2016

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