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  • GianMaria Romanato
  • Daniel Marthaler
  • Florian Waibel


  1. Evaluate possibilities to meet face-2-face at EclipseCon Europe?
  2. Support of deployment of nested plans not easily implemented inside Virgo Tooling easily. New idea: Put all dependencies into the staging repository and deploy the outermost via JMX.
  3. Documentation Milestone M02 / M03 still not online.
  4. Giamma is in the process of negotiation of a “Virgo Tooling Budget”. (especially PDE Support)
  5. Giamma spoke to Thomas Watson and it’s not possible to pass a custom os name file to Equinox. Recent upgrade to Equinox 3.9.1 means Windows 8 is covered, but Windows 10 will need a workaround which we may have to document in the release notes. This is important for bundles containing native code.
  6. Daniel migrated middleware part of his application (32 bundles) Two issues found:
## Nested plans
## Some fragments work within the Virgo Tooling - in production setup the fragments aren’t attached. (blocker to get in test environment)


  1. [done] Giamma reworked the Virgo Tooling to replace deleted PDE Tooling API (Neon), see, however the Hudson job cannot currently build against Neon because of
  2. Florian: Open question: Is there a tool to parse a plan XML?
  3. Florian: Was documentation published automatically?
  4. Florian: Migrate the documentation to gradle build to be able to publish along the
  5. [done] Florian Update the minutes Wiki
  6. Daniel/Florian: Create minimal sample to reproduce this issue.
  7. Florian: E-Mail to Tom Watson OSGi/Equinox related issues
  8. [done] Florian: Update to Spring 4.2.4.RELEASE
  9. [done] Florian: Create 3.7.0.M03
  10. [done] Florian: Jolokia CQ
  11. [done] Florian created the release review documentation (with help from Markus)
  12. [done] Florian created an IP log
  13. [done] Florian changed dockerizor base image to Alpine Linux (300MB -> 100MB)

Next meeting

20th of July 2016

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