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  • GianMaria Romanato
  • Daniel Marthaler
  • Florian Waibel


  1. Giamma ran through the How To develop with Maven/Tycho and Virgo
  2. Giamma introduced us to Package Drone (The OSGi first software artifact repository)

A new Eclipse project: (Currently in incubation)

  1. Follow-up: Would it be possible to develop Virgo applications the Eclipse Che way? Runtime and workspace inside Docker containers (What is Eclipse Che? Will it replace Eclipse IDE?
  2. Should Virgo join LTS[1]? -> No decision yet.
  3. Should be discontinue Virgo Snaps ( in 3.7 -> Created action item.


  1. *done* Migration actions for PDE2Virgo projects (giamma)
  2. *done* Prepare "How To develop with Maven/Tycho and Virgo" (giamma)
  3. *done* Migrate to Gradle 2.10 (florian)
  4. Check the automatic error reports
  5. Go on with Virgo tools documentation update
  6. Smoke test 3.7.0
  7. Migration of complete product to 3.7. Milestone.
  8. Create a poll in the forum who uses Virgo Snaps
  9. Integrate Blueprint 2.0.0.RELEASE into master
  10. Remove dependencies to SpringSource EBR (

Next meeting

20 April 2016 9:30 p.m. (CET)

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