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  • Violeta Georgieva - SAP
  • Borislav Kapukaranov - SAP
  • Lazar Kirchev - SAP
  • Chris Frost - VMware
  • Glyn Normington - VMware


  1. Lazar will integrate the updated Equinox shell into Virgo since Glyn has published to the EBR the versions provided by Lazar.
  2. Violeta is preparing a milestone of Gemini Web. Dependencies which have had their CQs approved will need adding to Orbit and the EBR. She is also working on bugs.
  3. Borislav is working on bugs and will produce 3.5.0.M04 later this week.
  4. Chris is working on Jetty changes and JQuery.
  5. Glyn is working on JQuery and Gemini Blueprint and is attending an OSGi F2F this week.
  6. Discussion of whether Eclipse committers are going to get access to the OSGi compliance test suites. The status is unknown. Glyn will follow up.
  7. Need to reschedule the next two community calls because of Bulgarian and UK public holidays. The next community call will be half an hour earlier than usual on Wednesday 2 May and the one after that at the usual time on Thursday 10 May.

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