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  • Borislav Kapukaranov - SAP
  • Hristo Iliev - SAP
  • Violeta Georgieva - SAP
  • Glyn Normington - VMware


  1. Glyn is working on using Tom's region digraph persistence support and reflecting regions in the Runtime Artifact Model.
  2. Borislav and Hristo are working on their JAX London presentation and may have questions for Glyn on the digraph.
  3. Borislav is helping Lazar with the console changes. We discussed the incubation status. It seems likely we can find some way to use the code even though the OSGi spec is not firm.
  4. Violeta is forking Gemini Web to experiment with Tomcat 7.0.11. She will look into the EBR changes for the Tomcat bundles.
  5. Glyn will put the corresponding servlet and JSP bundles from Orbit into the EBR.
  6. Hristo has spoken to Katya about p2 support and is waiting for her to make more progress.
  7. Meanwhile Hristo is working on exporting the class loading commands into a JMX mbean.
  8. Vily asked Glyn to inquire at the next Gemini call about Shaun's suggestion of uploading the Gemini tutorial to github.

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