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  • Borislav Kapukaranov - SAP
  • Hristo Iliev - SAP
  • Glyn Normington - VMware
  • Chris Frost - VMware
  • Steve Powell - VMware


  1. Chris is working on bundlor CQs and some config admin related bugs.
  2. Glyn is working on the framework hooks branch.
  3. Hristo has fixed his first bug and is waiting to set up ssh keys before pushing.
  4. Hristo found two bugs in his testing which he will also fix.
  5. Hristo will document the class loading commands in the Virgo User Guide.
  6. Violeta says she has submitted Gemini Web for Fortify testing and wonders whether she should do the same for Virgo. We agreed she should.
  7. Borislav has been debugging a bug where PARs contain dynamic imports.
  8. Borislav is also looking at the inner frameworks command and will reuse the Tree utility class.
  9. Borislav raised the issue of how to coordinate transparently across the project. Glyn will give access to Acunote so Sofia can track their sprints there.
  10. Borislav asked how to obtain a free Structure101 license as he is now a committer on an open source project. Glyn will send private email on this.

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