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  • Chris Frost - VMware
  • Hristo Iliev - SAP
  • Borislav Kapukaranov - SAP
  • Glyn Normington - VMware
  • Steve Powell - VMware


  1. Glyn introduced outline of current status:
    • Glyn: Release progressing well
      • IP log clean and stable - final approvals on track
      • Only bug fixing in code base (on 2.1.x branch)
    • Glyn: Virgo milestones now publicised on and this provoked new users to appear. Among them Alex Blewitt who is making some good contributions in the minor bug area and use cases leading to proposed enhancements.
    • Steve: CI builds on still broken -- latest story is that the webmaster doesn't know what the problem is and we are 'advised' to go elsewhere or stop using Ivy! We will be pushing this.
    • Chris: adding some minor enhancements to Admin Console
    • Glyn: Multi-bundle deployment on Admin Console being designed
      • use-case from Alex Blewitt
      • extension to plan schema proposed to allow file URIs to refer to artifacts
      • target for this is 2.2
  2. Hristo discussed fragment bundle that introduced telnet support for the console:
    • aspectj bytecode modifications not needed if weaving turned off for build
    • configuration required for terminal escapes (backspace, tab, etc) since telnet behaves differently on different platforms
    • tab completion of built-in commands (e.g. disconnect) is now addressed in patch
    • Discussion: jline appeared not to have the platform dependencies that the telnet solution has, and uses ssh for remote access (better security) - (careful) investigation of the jline behaviour might inspire us to a solution. Hristo says he will look at this. Glyn suggested taking dm Server 2.0.3 to see it in operation.
  3. Hristo reported permgen accumulating memory problem (~0.5Gb held) when resolving with ivy (e.g. on Windows, but others, too). This could indicate a leak in the ivy implementation. Glyn suggested approaching ivy apache project to see if this is a known problem or seeking potential fixes/solutions.
  4. Since Glyn is attending the OSGi face-to-face in Waldorf, could we combine this with the proposed Virgo face-to-face?
    • General consensus is not -- because:
      • there wouldn't be enough time (we would want two days uninterrupted and the OSGi f2f is in the middle three days of a week)
      • not enough people from SpringSource are attending the OSGi f2f and would not be available.
    • Current plan is 30 November - 1 December (inclusive) for the Virgo f2f -- Hristo thought this would be OK for the Bulgaria attendees -- Glyn to finalise this in the next week or so.
  5. Borislav mentioned his nested frameworks commands patches:
    • new branches to be defined soon (Glyn?)
    • nested frameworks commands may change when nested frameworks prototype are made public:
      • equinox current support is prototype that has 'real' frameworks within frameworks
      • proposal in being prototyped that doesn't have multiple frameworks, but instead uses a partitioning technique with some (global) public hooks
      • consequence is that the nested framework command support might need to be (radically?) changed if the proposal becomes standard.
      • Borislav is to look at the impact this might have.
    • There is a problem resolving javassist from the EBR -- Glyn will liaise with Borislav to 'resolve' this (pun intended).
  6. Chris: noted that he has been working on Snaps -- updating its dependencies and keeping the tests running cleanly. A small app using Snaps is planned for public demos.
  7. Steve: mentioned some enhancements to Config Admin planned -- there is a bugzilla which will be updated as progress is made in the design and implementation.

That's All Folks!

Thank you for participating.

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