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  • Steve Powell - VMware
  • Hristo Illiev - SAP

The call this week was sparsely populated, but Hristo and I had a lot to talk about...


  1. Glyn is still on vacation.
  2. Hristo (and team) have been moving the code-base to use Equinox 3.6 (rather than 3.5) and found a few anomalies along the way. The questions concerned the classpath at kernel start -- which seems to contain too many classes (all from lib); the Shutdown bundle -- which appears not to have a bundle symbolic name (?); why javassist was removed from the required CQs (in IPZilla) for Virgo -- the answer is it isn't required, but if one needs it later it may have to go back in; and finally, why are there two launchers? -- one Equinox Launcher and one Virgo one? -- the issue here is that the Virgo Launcher makes Virgo less embeddable.
  3. I encourage bugzillas for these issues, and to tease them into small, independent pieces, for ease of examination and hopefully separation of implementation. [The latter bugzilla (an enhancement to make Virgo embeddable -- in Eclipse, for example) would probably apply to the Kernel rather than to Virgo as a whole.]
  4. After this I wanted to record our appreciation for the coding work that Hristo and his team are undertaking -- there is an extension to the Equinox shell that is proposed and being examined as I type this.


Chris and I are working on tedious but essential Contribution Questionnaires for the product release, and managing only small bug fixes other than that.

No-one other than Hristo reported a difficulty with the conference call last week, so I assume no-one else was there (or tried to join us this week).

I'm all alone next week, and Glyn returns the week after. See (hear?) you then.

Steve Powell

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