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  • Steve Powell - VMware
  • Hristo Illiev - SAP
  • Chris Frost - VMware

The call this week was disrupted due to problems with the network and the conferencing system. It was abandoned at 14:15 UTC.


  1. Glyn is on vacation.
  2. Steve has been handling more external contributions, notably some tests in Util and Kernel repos that increased our unit test code coverage a bit. This is very good sign of committers-to-come.
  3. Chris has successfully upgraded the Logback and SLF4J dependencies (starts in Medic and propagates to nearly all other repositories).
  4. We released Milestone M03 (see last week, and Chris is blogging, tweeting and posting about it as I speak.
  5. Just before he was cut off, Hristo mentioned his current issue with failures during startup -- specifically in the launchBundles install and start sequence of the kernel region. We are currently deciding what is to be done with this issue, and will start a discussion on virgo-dev before assigning resource to the bugzilla (Bug 322132) he raised.

What else there is to say did not actually occur on the community call, so is not recorded here. If anyone had trouble joining this conference, then send a note or record it on virgo-dev, so that we know the extent of the disruption.

Better luck next week!

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