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The on-line meeting for this week did not take place. My apologies for those who tried to join the call, but we weren't there! Next week we shall resume the calls.

Discussion in absentia

  1. The committers at SpringSource spent most of the day trying to track down a memory leak that seemed to occur during integration tests. We found it (we think) and this change will mean that org.eclipse.virgo.web and org.eclipse.virgo.osgi-extensions builds will now run more smoothly. The leak does not appear to affect VIrgo Kernel or Virgo Web Server in normal use.
  2. There has been some useful comment on the Virgo Dev mailing list about improvements to the user and programmer's guide for Virgo.
  3. Some solid contributions to the code base have arrived from regular visitors to Virgo Dev and the Virgo Bug list. The coding guidelines that Glyn put on the Virgo Wiki last week are going to be more useful than ever!

Hope to hear from you next time.

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