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  • Glyn Normington - VMware
  • Dmitry Sklyut - Chariot Solutions


  • Nikolai Tankov - SAP


  1. The web server git repository is checked in and it is now possible to build the web server manually. A Hudson snapshot job is also set up and developers can download the built zip file from successful builds.
  2. Chris Frost's democamp in Sofia seemed to go well as did his meeting with the Bulgarian SAP team.
  3. Dmitry has made good progress on adding support for Maven. Aspect weaving seems to be easier as a post-compilation step in Maven. Why is JDT 3.3 used and not a more recent version?
  4. Nikolai provided some feedback to Steve Powell's comment on the performance patch. It will be a few days before Steve gets back to this.
  5. We are still on target for making a milestone available by the end of June.

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