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  • Glyn Normington - VMware
  • Dmitry Sklyut - Chariot Solutions
  • Nikolai Tankov - SAP


  1. Repository status. All the runtime git repos are checked in except the web server packaging build repo. We are planning to work on the necessary legal files next week and check in the web server packaging build next week or shortly afterwards. We are still aiming to provide a milestone build (probably 2.1.0.M1) of Virgo by the end of June.
  2. IP status. We have quite a few "works with" CQs to raise to cover build/test dependencies, but these should not hold up progress.
  3. jline. The jline dependency is unlikely to be approved so we have started to investigate how to revert to the Equinox console and add suitable commands to extend the function. The inline shell and SSH access need to be investigated.
  4. SAP are planning to contribute in the area of the Equinox console. Nikolai will try to provide some details for a future call.
  5. SAP are also planning to contribute some p2 integration to Equinox. Again Nikolai will try to obtain some details.
  6. Dmitry raised the question of being able to build Virgo locally without a dependency on Amazon S3. He will raise a bug to track this.
  7. Dmitry is interested in adding Maven build support to Virgo and will raise a bug to track this. This may also provide a solution to the item in minute 6.
  8. Nikolai is looking into providing a small startup performance improvement patch. He would also like to start exploring more radical startup performance improvements. We should use virgo-dev and/or the wiki as a suitable medium for design discussions, augmented by this weekly call.
  9. Nikolai mentioned that SAP noticed some runtime hotspots in the area of Equinox extensions. These should be pointed out on virgo-dev as they will be of interest to the committers.
  10. Dmitry asked about the future of the slices prototype. The current tech lead does not propose to take this forward in its current OSGi-centric form. So it is reasonable to fork this project. The license is GPL v3. Others may be interested so it may be worth posting to the dm Server application development and deployment forum (

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