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Conf call held 18May2010 at 14:00 UTC. Terminated 14:18 because no further participants.

Attendees: Steve Powell and Chris Frost.

Status (reported by Chris)

  • Virgo repositories continue to be transferred to eclipse git as source IP approvals are met.
    • web-server is waiting on formtags par update -- to be readied today (Chris),
    • web repository is now ready -- will transfer in the next day or so.
    • svt repositories still require a lot of work before they can go; current expectation is after project goes 'live'.
  • Run-time dependencies exist for some repositories
    • dojo usage needs approval in apps run-time
    • 3rd party packages in samples need updating, but ready.
  • jline usage in kernel causing a blockage
    • CQ4027 (IpZilla) is looking like it is unlikely to be approved
    • Bug:313316 (BugZilla) tracking alternatives if jline usage not approved
      • Easy alternatives to jline counted on fingers of one thumb -- zilch
      • Re-implementation of function looks hard -- we will try to estimate this (see the bug)
      • Not using something will cause regression on kernel shell function -- reverting to Equinox shell would be a step backwards.

Q&A: none.

Next conference call: 25May2010

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