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This was the first Virgo community call. It started a little later than publicised. The regular time will be 14:00 UTC.


  • Glyn Normington - VMware
  • Dmitry Sklyut - Chariot Solutions
  • Nikolai Tankov - SAP


  1. Status. The CQs are progressing well and we have set a target of the end of May for completing these. After that, we should be able to deliver some kind of baseline release of Virgo in June. This will probably need to be an incubator release since Virgo is currently under parallel IP. If this cannot be a "proper" release, then it may need to be some kind of milestone, although it would be functionally equivalent to a baseline release except perhaps for the version number. Action: Glyn will start a thread on virgo-dev to discuss.
  2. High priority issue. DMS-2490 is being worked on this week and assuming the fix is straightforward, it should be possible to port the fix into Virgo prior to the baseline release.
  3. Dmitry raised an ordering requirement. He has mentioned this before in the dm Server forums. Action: Dmitry will raise a Virgo bug to track this.
  4. Discussion of broadening the support for JPA and allowing domain objects to be spread across multiple bundles not necessarily in a scope. There are no plans to provide this support for unscoped bundles. However, the core requirement may be to allow bundles in a scope to be dynamically updated. This support is currently partial at best.
  5. External configuration and aggregating configuration from multiple Config Admin PIDs. Virgo will for the foreseeable future support Spring DM rather than pure Blueprint for applications that need Spring DM specific support. Note that there is standardisation work going on in the OSGi Alliance to extend the support for Config Admin in the Blueprint service.
  6. SAP have been looking at using p2 to deploy bundles into Virgo. This seems to have the advantage that warm restart could be relied upon. Nikolai will provide an update when progress is made.

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