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Virgo/Community/Migrating from slices

Migrating from the dm Server slices prototype to the Virgo snaps prototype

Even though the slices project was a prototype, a number of dm Server users found it very useful and asked for it to be made available on Virgo. It is currently being renamed to "snaps" and contributed to Virgo.

There will be a one-time hit for users to migrate from slices to snaps, largely because of the renaming.


The Petclinic and Spring Travel based samples are not provided with snaps as they derive from code whose authorship is not clear.

Package Names

The Java package names of the code have been renamed from com.springsource.osgi.slices.* or org.eclipse.virgo.snaps.*.

Class names

'Slice' is replaced by 'Snap' in class names.

Notable class name changes
dm Server slices Virgo snaps
com.springsource.osgi.slices.core.SliceHostFilter org.eclipse.virgo.snaps.core.SnapHostFilter
com.springsource.osgi.slices.Slices org.eclipse.virgo.snaps.Snaps
com.springsource.osgi.slices.SlicesTag org.eclipse.virgo.snaps.SnapsTag

Manifest headers

'Slice' is replaced by 'Snap' in manifest headers.

Manifest header changes
dm Server slices Virgo snaps
Slice-Host Snap-Host
Slice-ContextPath Snap-ContextPath

Bundle symbolic names

Bundle symbolic name changes
dm Server slices Virgo snaps
com.springsource.osgi.slices.api org.eclipse.virgo.snaps.api
com.springsource.osgi.slices.core org.eclipse.virgo.snaps.core

Plan names

Plan name changes
dm Server slices Virgo snaps
com.springsource.osgi.slices org.eclipse.virgo.snaps

Event log messages

The prefix SL is replaced by the prefix SN.

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