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Virgo/Community/Migrating from 3.5.x to 3.6.0

Support for Java 7 with a Limitation

Virgo 3.6.0 supports Java 7 (see bug 382710), but there is a known performance problem with the Spring framework on JDK 1.7.0_06 or newer (see SPR-9781). Since Virgo 3.6.0 supports Spring framework 3.2 (see bug 394800), users can upgrade to Spring framework 3.2 as described in the FAQ. Alternatively, users can upgrade to Spring framework 3.1.3 which also fixes SPR-9781.

Fragments May Attach to Multiple Hosts

Virgo 3.6.0 adds the following property to configuration/config.ini:

This enables fragments to attach to multiple hosts, in line with the OSGi Core specification. See bug 393848 for details. If this behaviour causes an issue, users may delete the property from config.ini.

MBean changes

To support regions a new set of MBeans were added in 3.5 matching the pattern 'org.eclipse.virgo.kernel/ArtifactModel/*'. These replaced the MBeans matching 'org.eclipse.virgo.kernel/Model/*' which have been removed from 3.6. The newer ArtifactModel MBeans include an extra parameter in the Object Name giving the region of the Artifact. This means the MBeans can now show an Artifact of the same type, name and version that is installed in two or more regions.

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