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Project Collaboration/Marketing

List of projects where collaboration may eventually be possible:

List of projects where we could be promoted (marketing)

  • <previous projects for collaboration>
  • news at yahoo DITA user group mailing list

  • news at DITA OT user/developer mailing list

List of conferences to get attention

  • EclipseCon
  • Eclipse Europa Submit
  • DITA Europe 2010 Conference - Viena, Austria 15-16 November 2010


  • Screencasts
  • Trainning sessions
    • DITA made easier
  • Demo camps
  • Vex Book for Vex 1.0 ??


Core WYSIWYG Editor [User/Developer]

  • core widget
  • Schema extension [Developer]
  • Skin extension [Developer]
  • Multi-language spell checker extension [Developer]

Schema Plug-in Creator Wizard [Developer]

  • schema extensions [developer]
  • wizard [developer]
  • enhanced validation extensions [developer]
  • target examples:
    • DITA 1.1
    • DITA 1.2
    • Docbook 4.5
    • Docbook 5

Skin Creator Module Wizard/Editor [Developer]

  • wizard [developer]
  • target examples:
    • DITA 1.1
    • DITA 1.2
    • Docbook 4.5
    • Docbook 5

UI Editors [User/Developers]

  • editor extensions????
  • RCP Editor [User]
  • RCP/RAP Editor [User]
  • JavaServerFaces(JSF) server-side editor component [User]

Snippets [User/DEveloper]

  • snippets extensions [Developer]
  • target examples: tables, sample topic, sample element [User]

Reference Documentation

  • plugin extensions for reference materials of specifications like DocBook, DITA, etc.

Document Store

Document templates [Developer/User]

  • document template extensions (skeleton, previews, documentation) [Developer]
  • integration to other wizards [User]
  • target examples: company template documents, basic letters, books , system component technical descriptions, user guide, developer guide, etc


Publisher Actions [User/Developer]

  • action extensions [developer]
  • actions [User]
  • target examples: publish, transform, validate

Publisher Wizard [User/Developer]

  • Core pages [User]
  • Facet extensions [Developer]

Publishing Modules [Developer]

  • publishing module extensions [Developer]
  • UI dialog with list of 3rd party modules (similar how server adaptors dialog appear) where a module can be downloaded and installed [user]
  • target examples:
    • DITA OT
    • DocBook Tools
    • XSL Tools

Module Adaptors [Developer]

  • core adaptor extension plugins [Developer]
  • UI dialog with list of 3rd party adaptors (similar how server adaptors dialog appear) where an adaptor can be downloaded and installed [user]
  • target examples:
    • PDF Hightlight -postprocessing
    • XHTML Hightlight -postprocessing
    • HTML->DITA -transformation
    • DocBook ->Dita -transformation
    • DITA2Confluence -publishing
    • DITA4Publishers -specializations (


DITA Maps/Bookmap Editor [User]

  • UI Forms for dita maps [User]

DITA Specialization Editor [Developer]

  • core GMF editor [Developer]
  • specialization extensions [Developer] (like including specialiaztion in a plugin, i.e. DITA4Publishers)

DITA Specialization Project Wizard [Developer]

  • wizard that generates dummy skin, project structure, launches specialization editor [Developer]


DITA PDF/XSL Engine configurator [Developer/User]

  • Engine extension plugin [Developer]
  • target engines: Apache FOP, Athena, etc. [User]

DITA Engine Override Manager [Developer/User]

  • overrides template extension plugin [Developer]
  • Override Manager UI [Developer]
  • target corporate examples: branding [Developer]
  • target DITA examples (Basic overrides): frontmatter, TOC numbering, Logo [User]

Continuous Integration

Maven support [Users]

  • Automated publishing
  • Automated validation
  • Automated code testing
  • Automated resource fetching

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