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Documentation for VJET JavaScript IDE is available in 2 forms:

Since VJET JavaScript IDE is an Eclipse plugin, most of the documentation will be in Eclipse.  With Eclipse Cheat Sheets, you can view documentation, step through tutorials, and code at the same time.

Wiki Documents

Eclipse Cheat Sheets, Samples, and Help  

In Eclipse, select menu item Help > Welcome

  • For an overview of VJET JavaScript select the Overview page, then Developing JavaScript
  • For the VJET JavaScript Hello World tutorial select the Tutorials page, then Hello VJET JavaScript World

Eclipse Cheat Sheets

Eclipse cheat sheets will be added as an ongoing documentation effort and are delivered in 2 ways:

  • Bundled with the VJET JavaScript IDE plugin
  • Published outside the VJET JavaScript IDE plugin and can be installed.

Published cheat sheets are available on the [VJET JavaScript Download site].

Select a Cheat Sheet

  1. Select menu item Help > Cheat Sheets
  2. Select Select a cheat sheet from the list, then open the JavaScript Development folder
  3. Double click the cheat sheet you want to view

Install a Cheat Sheet

  1. Select the menu item Help > Cheat Sheets
  2. Select Enter the URL of a cheat sheet, and enter the URL of the cheat sheet. Click OK.
  3. If a dialog pops up that indicates that certain actions/commands may not work, dismiss the dialog.
  4. The cheat sheet will open in Eclipse.

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