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Introducing VJET: Bringing the best of Java™ and JavaScript™ together for developers

Java Features in JavaScript? Absolutely!

VJET enhances JavaScript with the best of Java: packages, classes, interfaces, enums, constructors, access control, full typing including overloading and generics, static initialization and more. Leverage Java language skills, modeling, and tooling experiences directly in JavaScript. Java and JavaScript Interoperability—The Best of Both Worlds

Vjet panel.gif

VJET provides a strongly typed, integrated development and runtime environment between Java and JavaScript—and delivers the best of both worlds. VJET exposes all JavaScript native, browser-specific, and user-defined types in Java, and exposes commonly used Java packages, such as java.lang and java.util, in JavaScript. VJET enables seamless creation and passing of these types between both environments—while maintaining object identity, references, and modifications, as objects move between both worlds.

VJET Eclipse Plugin—Java-like Development Environment for JavaScript

The VJET Eclipse Plug-in provides Java-like development features for JavaScript, such as code assistance, type searching, syntax and semantic validation, type outlines and hierarchies, calling chains, re-factoring and more. Author, run, and debug JavaScript and Java with the same development and tooling capabilities. True Active Programming—Not Just Generated Code

VJET enables a unique development model in which web applications can be developed interactively with Java and JavaScript—while simultaneously viewing incremental changes in one or more browsers. This active programming model is especially powerful when coupled with VJET's highly interoperable Java/JavaScript features and Java's hot-swapping and live debugging capabilities. This combination of interactive development, live debugging, and the ability to continuously display changes in a browser—while you develop—is a unique, productive, and powerful experience.

Integration Platform—External JavaScript Libraries? Not a Problem!

VJET supports bi-directional translations between Java and VJET JavaScript while maintaining all typing and semantics expected by Java developers. Translations can be incorporated with your build process, or performed interactively using the VJET Eclipse Plugin. VJET also provides a non-intrusive way to integrate existing JavaScript libraries, resulting in highly typed JavaScript and newly exposed Java types that can be used by Java. Ask about VJET's reference integration with jQuery—what it's like to write interactive web apps, using jQuery—all completely in Java.

VJET Diagram

Vjet ebay-vjet-diagram.gif


  • Enjoy consistent language and type semantics between Java and JavaScript
  • Develop with the best of both—Java and JavaScript libraries, in both language environments
  • Leverage Eclipse for authoring JavaScript, complete with code assistance, type searching, dependency management, refactoring, and more
  • Seamlessly debug between Java and JavaScript, in a single integrated debugger session
  • Easily integrate both JavaScript libraries and Java packages
  • Leverage tight and typed integration of Java and JavaScript types while creating, passing, and manipulating objects between both environments
  • Application neutral framework that is highly portable across various browsers
  • Co-exist easily with other JavaScript frameworks/runtimes, since no native JavaScript types have been extended or modified
  • Support multiple VJET runtime versions in a single web page, to enable complex portal style applications
  • Leverage Ajax support with type-safe interfaces and shared object types
  • Interactively develop and debug Java and JavaScript based applications, while watching the effects simultaneously in one or more browsers
  • Author in Java while leveraging JavaScript's functional programming model


  • Leverage existing Java and JavaScript skill sets between both language environments
  • Dramatically lower the barrier for Java developers to develop interactive client applications
  • JavaScript developers get language capabilities, general programming types, modeling, and tooling—often taken for granted by Java developers
  • Enable large scale, enterprise-level JavaScript application development

VJET Interview with Lead Architect

Mr P to everyone who knows him—is the Chief Architect and Technical Fellow at eBay. He is also the inventor of VJET. Learn more about VJET from its creator.


Language Equivalence: VJET brings structural, syntactic and semantic equivalence between Java and JavaScript

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