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Frequently asked VJET questions on

Do I need to know/use another language in order to use VJET JS?

No, VJET JS supports free form JavaScript; there is no requirement to learn another language or syntax.

Does VJET JS force me to use a specific JavaScript coding style?

No, VJET JS will work with your own JavaScript coding style.

Does VJET JS support type information for the latest versions of JavaScript?

Yes, we are currently revving VJET JS to support EcmaScript-262 5th Edition. All new APIs can be added by using the ES5 type lib. We currently only support syntax of EcmaScript-262 3rd edition.

Do I have to use VJET JS runtime code in my applications?

No, VJET JS has no run-time requirements.

Can I run my JavaScript while in VJET JS?

Yes, VJET JS supports direct execution of your JavaScript. You can execute locally in Rhino, or better yet, execute your code in a Browser environment of your choice.

Do I have to embed or load my JavaScript in an HTML file to get it to run in the browser?

No, VJET JS includes a feature that allows you to run JavaScript code in a browser without an HTML file.

Can I select a specific environment in which to run my JavaScript, such as a specific browser?

Yes, the VJET JS program launcher allows you to select a specific browser.

Is this like the Google Web Toolkit (GWT)?

No, you do not need to know Java to write JavaScript with VJET JavaScript IDE.

Can I use VJET JS in non-Browser environments?

Yes, for example, many users are interested in node.js and VJET JS provides a type library for node.js. It is a good example of how JavaScript is being used outside of the Browser proper.

Does VJET JS extend JavaScript native types, say like Prototype does?

No, VJET JS does not extend JavaScript native types and therefore has no impact or requirements on your running environment.

Does VJET JS work with languages other than JavaScript?

No, VJET JS is very specific to JavaScript.

Can I debug my JavaScript while in VJET?

Yes, VJET JS includes a fully fledged debugger.

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