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This page gives a summary of the most important research papers published on VIATRA2.


The approach

  • Csertán-Huszerl-Majzik-Pap-Pataricza-Varró: VIATRA :Visual Automated Transformations for Formal Verification and Validation of UML Models. ASE02
  • Varró-Pataricza: VPM: A visual, precise and multilevel metamodeling framework for describing mathematical domains and UML (The Mathematics of Metamodeling is Metamodeling Mathematics). SOSYM03

Transformation language

  • Balogh-Varró: Advanced model transformation language constructs in the VIATRA2 framework. SAC2006
  • Varró-Balogh: The model transformation language of the VIATRA2 framework. SCP2007

Research topics

Local search-based pattern matching

  • Horváth-Varró-Varró: Generic search plans for matching advanced graph patterns. GTVMT07
  • Varró-Horváth-Varró: Recursive Graph Pattern Matching With Magic Sets and Global Search Plans. AGTIVE07

Incremental pattern matching

  • Varró-Varró-Schürr: Incremental Graph Pattern Matching: Data Structures and Initial Experiments. Gramot06
  • Bergmann-Ökrös-Ráth-Varró-Varró: Incremental pattern matching in the VIATRA model transformation system. Gramot08
  • Bergmann-Ráth-Varró: Parallelization of graph transformation based on incremental pattern matching GTVMT09
  • Bergmann-Horváth-Ráth-Varró-Balogh-Balogh-Ökrös: Incremental evaluation of queries over EMF models. MODELS10

Hybrid pattern matching

  • Bergmann-Horváth-Ráth-Varró: Efficient Model Transformations by Combining Pattern Matching Strategies. ICMT2009

Event-driven transformations

  • Ráth-Bergmann-Ökrös-Varró: Live model transformations driven by incremental pattern matching. ICMT2008
  • Ráth-Varró-Varró: Change-driven model transformations. MODELS09

Constraint satisfaction over models

  • Horváth-Varró: CSP(M): constraint satisfaction problems over models. MODELS09

Applications in domain-specific modeling languages

  • Ráth-Vágó-Varró: Design-time simulation of domain-specific models by incremental pattern matching. VLHCC08
  • Ráth-Ökrös-Varró: Synchronization of abstract and concrete syntax in domain-specific modeling languages. SOSYM09

Model transformation by example

  • Varró: Model transformation by example. MODELS06
  • Balogh-Varró: Model transformation by example using inductive logic programming. SOSYM08

Case studies, applications

  • Gönczy et al: Modeling and Verification of Reliable Messaging by Graph Transformation Systems ENTCS07
  • Kovács-Gönczy-Varró: Formal analysis of BPEL workflows with compensation by model checking. In: International Journal of Computer Systems and Engineering, 2008. ref
  • Gönczy et al: Model Transformations for Performability Analysis of Service Configurations. MODELS08
  • Gönczy-Majzik-Horváth-Varró-Balogh-Micskei-Pataricza: Tool Support for Engineering Certifiable Software. ENTCS08
  • Boronat et al: Rigorous Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Systems - Results of the SENSORIA project on Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Computing. Chapter "Advances in model transformation by graph transformations: Specification, Analysis and Execution" SENSORIABOOK
  • Torrini-Heckel-Ráth: Stochastic simulation of graph transformation systems. FASE10
  • Hegedüs-Bergmann-Ráth-Varró: Back-annotation of Simulation Traces with Change-Driven Model Transformations. SEFM10
  • Hegedüs-Bergmann-Ujhelyi-Horváth: Ecore to Genmodel case study solution using the VIATRA2 framework. GRABATS10


  • Varró-Schürr-Varró: Benchmarking for graph transformation. VLHCC05
  • Bergmann-Horváth-Ráth-Varró: A Benchmark Evaluation of Incremental Pattern Matching in Graph Transformation. ICGT2008
  • Horváth-Bergmann-Ráth-Varró: Experimental assessment of combining pattern matching strategies with VIATRA2. STTT09

Publications of VIATRA2 team members by author

For a more detailed and complete list of publications, visit the publication pages of team members.

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