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Outdated page

This page contains obsolete information about the VPM based VIATRA2 and preserved for archive purposes only.
The currently maintained wiki is available at

Release Notes for VIATRA2 R3.3

VIATRA2 R3.3 is the newest release of the VIATRA2 model transformation framework. R3.3, like its predecessor R3.2, is mainly a bugfix-oriented release containing fixes for many issues, and performance as well as usability enhancements; it is compatible with Eclipse Indigo and Juno. For notes on the previous major release (R3.2), refer to VIATRA2/ReleaseNotes3.2 and VIATRA2/ReleaseNotes3.1

Fixed issues include:

  • improved error management, more robust behaviour for erroneous transformations
  • various GUI and model transformation engine fixes and enhancements
  • improved incremental pattern matcher performance

Most important enhancements include:

  • updated help contents, based on the wiki
  • trace-based transformation execution, to support design-space exploration
  • integrated efficient incremental transitive closure into the incremental pattern matcher

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