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Hey Andrew,
I wanted to ask why you deleted some of the differences between OSGeo and teh Eclipse Location WG? Do you think these differences are irrelevant? One important difference is that OSGeo does have a big following and lively community and if I understand correctly Eclipse is not interested in this at all. So why do you suggest deleting it?

I liked your other addition "First, it is important to note these differences are not that important in a world with Eclipse & OSGeo closely collaborating." but you then deleted it again. I believe that this is core to any collaboration which we might be aiming for. It would be detrimental for both if we start to deny what the other's core features are. OSGeo is not set up as an industry consortium and not aiming to be one either. On one side this makes OSGeo staff-less but otoh is a strength because it also makes OSGeo independent from the whims and ups and downs of commercial organizations. This is a central feature of OSGeo and cannot be one of Eclipse.

Not sure if this is the right place to have a dialog about this so please feel free to talk to the board list of OSGeo, you are more than welcome there (that list is open to anybody, another fundamental difference to how Eclipse operates).

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