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UML2 Project Update

This work is developed by Kenn Hussey from Committerati and sponsored by CEA LIST.


The Eclipse UML2 (Unified Modeling Language 2.x) project is an EMF-based implementation of the UML 2.x metamodel for the Eclipse platform. This implementation is currently compliant with the 2.2 version of the UML specification, for which newer versions, namely 2.3 and 2.4 (and soon, 2.4.1), have been released by the Object Management Group (OMG) over the past couple of years. The source code for the UML2 project is currently stored in a CVS repository and its installable artifacts (update sites and downloads) are currently produced using an unsupported pre-Athena build system running on a machine that is at risk of being decommissioned in the near future. CEA, among others, is looking to update the metamodel implementation provided by the UML2 project so that it is compliant with the UML 2.4(.1) specification. As detailed in Eclipse Bugzilla (see bugs 290024 and 327039), the UML2 project has been looking for help (investment or otherwise) from the community to conduct this update for some time. With renewed interest in keeping the project up to date with changes made by the OMG, it’s time the UML2 project be given the appropriate and necessary attention needed so that it can once again support construction of state of the art UML-based tooling at Eclipse (and beyond). This project proposes the enhancement of the UML2 metamodel implementation so that it is compliant with the 2.4(.1) and, implicitly, 2.3 version of the UML specification. This project also proposes the transition of the UML2 source code to git and the migration of its build system to Buckminster, running on the Hudson installation at Eclipse.


The project is scheduled to be finished on October 31th, 2011 and will be delivered as part of the UML2 project.

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