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UI for the equinox provisioning

The project has since been changed currently to provide Write Access to Metadata api and change all the code to use that.

I have successfully made the changes to the interfaces and implemented them. Having a bit of trouble making equinox initialize all the services correctly.

Eclipse bugzilla entry for this project is here -

Update: Successfully provided write access to metadata repo and changed related code to use the new api.

Now working on providing Write access to the artifact repository. Progress can be tracked here -

Submitted api proposal for artifact repository. Will implement as soon as I get approval on it.

It the meanwhile I have been working on the 'Engine' Api. I will be providing the undo/redo api for it. Provided an api proposal, but was told to hold off on implementation since the engine api is in flux at the moment.

Asked to create a db backed metadata repository. already provided the schema, now working on implementation. bug report here -

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