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UI Walkthrough Facets

Faceted Project wizards

All WTP projects consists of facets and are based on a faceted project wizard framework.

On the first wizard page, the user:

  1. chooses the Target Runtime. It filters possible versions of the primary facet: EJB, Web, etc.
  2. chooses the version of the primary facet: EJB Module version in our example. This choice filters the possible choices in
  3. Configuration where the user can choose from some preset facet configurations.

Screenshot facets 1.png

If the user want to customize certain facet configuration, he or she can click on the Modify... button and call the Project Facets dialog.

Screenshot facets 2.png

After the project is created its facet configuration could be modified using the Project Facets property page.

Screenshot facets 3.png

Custom Faceted Project wizard

There is basic wizard to create arbitrary projects with custom facets configuration.

Screenshot facets 4.png

Screenshot facets 5.png

Screenshot facets 6.png

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