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UI Forms

This is basic content only. Please convert to the Template file for adding to the UI Best Practices and fill in more complete information.


UI Forms enhancements in release 3.3:

Plus, visual design information such as layout and colors.

When do you use forms inside a view/editor?

  • Depends on audience and problem space
  • Slickness of look
  • Type, amount, and complexity of content, e.g., complex content is good in form content

Is it appropriate to use forms in a view that is not

  • Yes
  • Don't want to over use though since everything ends up looking the same
  • Distinguish primary and secondary views by how you render elements in form
  • Use forms API to varying degrees for secondary views
  • Can also use GEF

Related comments:

  • Overuse of model dialogs - eg. launch configuration
  • Rethink this one and move it to forms
  • Move away from modal dialogs
  • Other dialogs that could be (have been) non-modal: Run, Preference -- but have to stay that way to not cause breakages
  • Example of something complex that you can see or not see: XRay (by Chris Laffra), floating -- go to

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