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Mik Kersten, Neil Hauge, Kimberley Peter, Jeff Calcaterra, Kevin McGuire, Bob Fraser, Tod Creasey

Review position of group to planning council

We want to have two deliverables for the planning council.

  • a top ten list of UI guiding principles
  • an actionable developer checklist of about 10 items

This group will not sign up for policing UI but is happy to take an advisory role. We regularly host UI walkthroughs with an opportunity for discussion or feedback.

Next steps

Mik to take lead on the checklist. List will be ordered by a short list of "Guiding Principles". Kevin to review. Items must be:

  • relevant (we see this problem a lot)
  • actionable (clear what to do, can be a verifiable 'checklist' item)
  • doable (not extraordinarily expensive)

Next call

The next meeting will be at 10:00 PST / 17:00 UTC on November 14st.

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