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Tod Creasey, Raji Akella, Mik Kersten, Kimberley Peter, Kevin McGuire, Neil Hauge, Bob Fraser

Charter and goals discussion

Our existing charter is not representative of what actually happened over the year. The group should change the charter.

Interest of the group is in two primary areas.

  1. Updating the UI guidelines in time to be useful to the 2008 Eclipse release train.
  2. Fostering a community and forum where UI issues can be discussed.

Updating the UI guidelines

A working group is being formed and the work will happen offline with updates to the group via email or on the bi-weekly calls as appropriate.

Fostering a community

There is always a lot of good energy and discussion on the calls and the group decided that it would be a good idea to open the calls up to a broader community. We will develop a calendar of events such as UI walk troughs or themes for discussion and promote this to the community.

To dos

  • Group to send email to mailing list signing up for a meeting time to discuss a UI theme
  • Bob to get a calendar up on the wiki
  • Tod to look at review and update the Top Ten Eclipse UI Guidelines
  • Bob to draft a memo opening up the UI meetings to the general Eclipse community

Next call

Bi-weekly calls will resume with the next meeting at 10:00 PDT / 17:00 UTC on August 8th. Tod will lead the topic discussion "Top Ten Eclipse UI Guidelines"

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