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UDig Infrastructure Migration

This page captures what needs to be migrated, and notes on what is needed along with the current status.

Obtain Access

Okay this is where we are the most confused, there are two moving parts both of which you need to obtain access to.

RECOMMENDATION: Use the same email address for both credentials (if they consolidate on a single LDAP).

Eclipse Bugzilla credentials are used to access:

LocationTech credentials are used to access:

Open access:

Joining the Project

  1. Sign up for (recommend the same email address):
  2. Paperwork
    • Individual Contributor Agreement and Employer Contributor agreement
    • Fill in the "committer questionnaire" on the developer portal
  3. Get Nominated
    • A committer will need to login to the developer portal and nominate you
    • PSC members can use the developer portal to vote on the nomination
    • Or while things are messed up PSC member can email




  1. (DONE) Start in the incubation process
  2. (DONE) Submit initial code contribution:
    • (TROUBLE) Unable to attach zip as it is 135 MB (limit is 35 MG): code provided as link to github 1.4.0 tag
    • (TROUBLE) Portal listing PMC members is broken, however we are listed on LocationTech as PMC and **do** have the ability to approve the submission
    • (DONE) Add a comming requesting Parallel IP process for the contribution
  3. Check incubation branding
  4. Revise submission during Legal Review
    • UDIG-1982 Replace 3rd-party dependency bundle org.apache.log4j with CQ 2168
    • UDIG-1983 Replace 3rd-party dependency bundle com.lowagie.itext with CQ 3475
    • Identify IPBug for each jar+version (if exists already)
    • Submit IPBug for each jar+version (for new jars such as JTS and GeoTools) will require source code
    • Double check JAI and its strange license
  5. Preliminary Approval
    • Check-in initial codebase
    • Repackage to org.locationtech.udig
    • Update header
    • Update docs and branding
    • May wish to reduce the number of plugins during transition
    • Change version to 1.5 (or 2.0 since this is a major API change that does not offer backwards compatibility)
    • Bundle names must include the word incubation - example: Catalog Plug-in (Incubation)
    • Update manager features must include the word incubation - example: uDig Platform (Incubation)
  6. Legal Approval
  7. Release

Known Problems:

  • com.csvreader (used by tutorial) is LGPL and needs to be replaced

Parallel IP Process Q&A

We are following

Q: Do we need incubation logo on home page and download page?

The "(1) Is My Project Eligible (i.e., Conforming)?" checklist asks for the incubation logo in the above locations.

Will ask for clarification - do not wish to put IP team on the spot with incubation logo on code they have not reviewed yet.

A: Going to assume it is a reference to which includes the correct logo.

A: In a similar fashion no incubation components have been released from

Mailing List

Q: Setting up a mailing list

A: Wayne did it, not sure how, it is available at:

Q: Migrating existing udig-devel email list?

Not sure if this can be done, asked on email but response was not clear.


Need to migrate project procedures from:

Q: setting up a website?

Because the above link is a confluence wiki, the advise was to use media wiki (and convert from confluence).

We have the ability to convert to sphinx/rst and generate out website content, the amount of material here is not restrictive.

Q: does uDig "governance" match with LocationTech "helpful guidance"?

Not sure on the details (we use +1,+0,-0,-1 voting) but here is the list:

  • How projects are formed and release software?

We cover PSC, community plugins, and how to release

  • Openness to anyone, even competitors.

Yep, email and IRC are public, meeting minuets sent to email list etc...

  • How major design or roadmap decision are made.

We have a request for change procedure, open to anyone, with a timeframe for community response.

  • How to become a committer.

Covered in our guide, needs to be updated to reflect Eclipse procedure.

  • Transparency so that everyone can see discussions, meeting minutes, and similar work being done.


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