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Tycho/Release Notes/2.2

New and Noteworthy

Complete list of bug fixes and enhancements in 2.2.0

Support for m2e PDE Maven target locations

bug 568729, bug 569481 m2e includes a new feature that allows the usage of regular maven artifacts to be used in PDE target platforms. Support for this new location type was also added to tycho, you could read more about this new feature in the following article.

Allow parallel dependency resolving

bug 568446 When using parallel builds the initial dependency resolution is now also executed in parallel.

Delay download of p2 artifacts for non-plugin modules

bug 567760 Tycho now stops downloading p2 artifacts from remote sources too early and relies mostly on p2 metadata to compute target platform and build order without downloading the artifacts. Downloads are then instead delayed to when the artifact files are really necessary (to compute compilation build path, to generate a p2 repository...). As a result performance will be improved as less artifacts may be downloaded, and some steps like `mvn clean` or `mvn validate` can avoid downloading artifacts to process, and the most probable build failures will be reported faster.

Note that this is specifically visible for eclipse-feature and eclipse-repository modules; other module types like eclipse-plugin or eclipse-test-plugin do still require to downlaod artifacts early to create the build path. Further improvements remain possible on that topic.

Tycho Source Feature Generation moved from tycho extras to tycho core

bug 568359 Historically the tycho-source-feature-plugin was located in tycho extras but could be confusing because they often are used in conjunction with to each other because a source-bundle is hardly useful without corresponding source-feature. With the merge of tycho-core and tycho-extras these separation becomes even more obsolete.

From now on, the tycho-source-plugin also includes the tycho-source-feature-plugin, the old one is deprecated and will be removed in the next major release.

Migration is rather simple, just add a new execution to the tycho-source-plugin

		<!-- put your configuration here -->

Beside this, the new mojo does support one additional configuration option 'missingSourcesAction' that can have one of the following two values:

  • FAIL: this is like the old mojo works, any missing source bundle that is not excluded will fail the build
  • WARN: this is the default, a warning will be omitted listing all missing plugins/features that are not excluded

Support for consuming maven artifacts made of zipped P2 update sites

bug 398238 Tycho now supports in target files and in <repository> elements URLs of the form mvn:groupId:artifactId:version[:packaging[:classifier]] to be used for a repository.

For example


Support for excluding files in

bug 568623 Tycho now supports in build properties files to exclude files in library.

For example

output.mycodelib.jar = bin/
bin.includes = META-INF/,\

source.mycodelib.jar = src/
exclude.mycodelib.jar = **/*.txt

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