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Tycho/Release Notes/0.25

New and Noteworthy

Complete list of bug fixes and enhancements in 0.25.0


Test Execution

  • Support for JUnit categories has been added. (bug 386964). You can now include and/or exclude tests annotated with @Category.


  • The eclipse bundles used by Tycho internally (mostly p2) have been updated to Neon M6 (bug 485427)
  • As a consequence, Tycho now requires Java 8 to run
  • tycho-versions-plugin will now extend version ranges if the new version would be outside the range (bug 477328 and (bug 478996)

Feature Version Qualifiers

When computing aggregated qualifiers for features, Tycho will now recognize timestamps in the following form anywhere within the qualifier of direct included features or bundles (bug 482086):

  • yyyyMMddHHmm
  • yyyyMMdd-HHmm
  • yyyyMMdd

List of JVM arguments for the EclipseRun Plugin

The one-line-parameter <argLine> has been deprecated. JVM parameters can be configured now as a list of arguments (bug 486799):


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