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Tycho/Release Notes/0.18

Milestone 0.18.1

New and Noteworthy

List of bug fixes and enhancements in 0.18.1.

  • This patch release adds support for maven 3.1.0
  • Bundles shipped with Tycho have been updated from Kepler pre-RC3 to Kepler final

Milestone 0.18.0

New and Noteworthy

List of bug fixes and enhancements in 0.18.0. This is mostly a bug-fix release with changes needed by projects participating in the Eclipse Kepler release train.

Target Platform & Dependency Resolution

  • (INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE) The build now fails if a p2 repository is referenced that has installable units from an old-style update site. These so-called "partial IUs" cannot be used for dependency resolution and used to be silently dropped from the target platform. This often lead to strange resolution problems (bug 380438, question on stackoverflow). Now the build fails with a clear error message. (See the Additional Tools page for an example of how to convert an old-style update site into a p2 repository.)
  • Use a newer version of p2 (from between Kepler RC2 and Kepler RC3). In particular, this version includes the enhancements of bug 406960, bug 406942, bug 406902 and fixes for bug 409051, bug 408691.


  • Added experimental support for bundled Mac OS X applications (bugs 378021, 407676). Note that you have to apply a workaround if you want to use this new p2 feature.
  • Several source bundle/feature generation fixes/enhancements:
    • bin.includes from license features now taken over into generated source features (bug 403950)
    • Source feature branding bundle can now be configured (Bug 407706)
    • Source feature.xml now has line-breaks, indentation and an XML declaration (bug 408168)
    • Allow to include non-root content in source bundle (bug 407172)


  • Stricter and OSGi-specific MANIFEST syntax validation yielding better error messages (bug 383192)

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