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One idea is to use Xtext to describe models textually. See Triquetrum Command Language (github issue)

Below are various references:

  • Ptcl was a Tcl-based language for Ptolemy Classic. The ptcl manual might be of use to help define some of the Xtext commands. For example, both will need to connect ports from an outer composite to an inner composite.

How To Try out the Xtext interface

  1. Build Triquetrum from Sources.
  2. Check out the branch with: git checkout rtotaro/ft/190/TriQuetrumCommandLanguage. There will probably be build errors which are fixed next.
  3. In the project, open the definition and click on "Set as Target Platform". It may take a few minutes for the dependencies to download.
  4. TBD continue with the steps necessary to try it out.


  • See Tqcl for a description of the syntax.

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