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Tools PMC Meeting 2014-11-12


Meeting Title: Tools PMC Conference Call
Date & Time: Wednesday, November 12, 2014, at 1100 AM Eastern
Dial in: (See Asterisk service for complete details on SIP, phone numbers, phone mute commands, etc.)
  • Participant conference extension: 717, then enter pin 57932#
  • SIP clients can call, then enter pin 57932.


PMC Members
Name (Affiliations) Attended
John Duimovich (IBM, PMC Lead) N
Eric Clayberg (Google, WindowBuilder) Y
Andy Clement (VMWare/Puppet Labs, AspectJ) N
Alex Kurtakov (Red Hat, Linux Tools) Y
Doug Schaefer (QNX, CDT) Y
Greg Watson (IBM, PTP) R
David Williams (IBM. Orbit) Y

Attended: Y == Yes, N == No, R == Regrets


  • Discuss remaining CQ work for Titan project (from PMC point of view)
* will send note with summary table (Or, figure out how to get it attached here).
* Be sure to be familiar with the following references/directives that outline our (PMC) responsibilities:
Test and Build (only) dependencies.
Policy and Procedure to by-pass normal IP Review for 3rd Party Dependencies.
* And, for details on Titan project itself, see the original Titan proposal (and, if you understand that, the rest should be easy :).
Elemér Lelik and Janet Campbell joined us to discuss the 10 or so outstanding CQ's for Titan project.
- 4 were approved as classical "works-with" dependencies: 8763, 8766, 8774, 8775. These will not be distributed, and user told "if they have that installed" what functionality they will get from Titan or their Titan apps.
- 5 were approved as typical "approve for IP review, for distribution with Titan", 8776, 8777, 8778, 8779, and 8749 (that later one sounded as though there may be some confutation perhaps being marked as "works with" in CQ database, but it should not be. '
- 2 will be withdrawn as they are not literally required: 8772 and 8773, and in no way are distributed with Titan or used for things that Titan distributes. These would be required to use Titan on Windows, but a) Titan is not very functional with only MinGw (CQ 8773) and b) there are licensing issues with Cygwin (CQ 8772) . We want to avoid encouraging use on Windows, and later the user is surprised to discover they need something else that has an incompatible license unless a fee is paid to another 3rd party. In this case, the project will take care not to present Titan as "available and supported on Windows" (or similar), but may mention that "some users have be able to use Titan with Cygwin, on Widows, but users should take care (as always) to understand licensing terms of Cygwin.
  • Time to terminate EDT?
- There has been no "Git activity" in 22 months.
- The last bug "fixed" was in 2011.
- The last bug "opened" was in 2013.
- There are nearly no messages to mailing list any more: 3 in 2014, 178 in 2013, 734 in 2012, 302 in 2011.
- There was, apparently an "incubation release" in January, 2013 (numbered 0.8.2) but nothing since then.
If agreement, I'll open a "process" bug, and make announcements/requests on EDT dev list and EDT mailing list.
PMC agreed
  • Other business?
  • Briefly discuss "the commons" project, and seemed to be less interest in it. But, Doug will talk to Greg about it, and make a response to Wayne's question on our mailing list.

Next Meeting

  • Second Wednesday: January 14, 11 AM Eastern -- get the new year started right!

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