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Tigerstripe Project Status

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Standing Meetings

We are holding a number of standing meetings to cover various aspects of Tigerstripe.

Tigerstripe Standing Meetings
Meetings Description Time
Community Meetings Discuss status of project, upcoming events, roadmap, releases. Mondays 8am-9am PST
Face2Face Meetings Focused on design discussions, bug resolution, and general development related discussions. Held face to face. July 16-18, 2008 - Seattle, WA

Tigerstripe Planning/On Going Activities

There are a number of tasks being worked on in the Tigerstripe group. See Tigerstripe On-Going for more details.


As part of the transition from being a commercial product to becoming an open-source, community supported framework we will focus on a number of topics:

  • Support for migration: when open-sourcing the code, the namespace was changed. As a result all plugins written for the old API will need to be adjusted to the new namespace.
  • Adhere to Eclipse Release Processes: we are hoping to provide early builds of the Open-Source code base in January, as soon as Eclipse Legal has cleared some of our remaining 3rd party .jar use. We will use the incubation period to polish the code and our releases.
  • Evolve legacy to latest Eclipse Frameworks: because the development of Tigerstripe started over 3 years ago, some legacy code duplicates the functionalities offered by now existing Eclipse Frameworks. We are actively working to remove duplication and replace with the latest available Eclipse components.
  • Enhance the existing framework: a number of functionalities have been in the pipeline and will be added as expected.
  • Community build-up: Tigerstripe has a growing User Community. Now that it is open-source, we will strive to gather a community also including contributors and additional committers as appropriate.

2008 Roadmap

A detailed roadmap for the first 6-9 months of 2008 is available here.

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