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Tigerstripe Profile Contribution

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  • Full name : org.eclipse.tigerstripe.workbench.base.defaultProfile

Purpose : In most environments, the Workbench Profile is fairly static, and it is important that all users are on the same version, to ensure that Stereotype definitions etc are aligned with Generators. Use of this Extension Point allows for a profile to be wrapped into an eclipse plugin. The contained Profile becomes the "Factory Default" profile for the users session. This eclipse plugin can be downloaded as part of the build, or from an update site, making the task of maintaining consistency that much easier.

  • Usage : There should only be one contribution of this extension point in any install. If there are more than one, then only the first one discovered will be used. An error will be thrown into the log if more than one is discovered.

The extension point has two attributes :

"profileFile" - This is the path to the .wbp file in the contributing eclipse plugin. (Note: The Ext point does not validate the .wbp itself, so this should be checked before contribution). "checkOnStartup" - a boolean that defaults to false. If true, then every time the Tigerstripe plugins are activated (usually on start up), the the "current" profile for that user is compared to the contributed profile. If they do not match, then the user is informed and given the option of "Resetting" to the Factory - ie contributed - profile.

  • Example :

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